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Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, see you all at my new blog! xxx


Winter Basics

epique winter basic outfit in black and asos parka jacket with fur trim
asos parka jacket in epique winter outfit and h&m cow print clutch bag
asos navy parka jacket and H&M animal print clutch in black and white epique
OPI alpine snow nails and H&M cow print clutch bag on epique
epique black and white hair photography
fashion photography in black and white on epique
epique wears asos dark blue jacket with fur hood and patent leather details
asos parka jacket with patent leather details and finger gloves on epique epique winter outfit details with asos parka and animal print clutch bag
Parka jacket - ASOS | Clutch - H&M | Finger gloves - H&M | Boots - Topshop

This is my kind of everyday outfit. I find it quite enjoyable to do blog shots on a chilly, quiet Sunday morning, when everyone is benefiting from the last day of the weekend sleeping in.
I bought the parka from ASOS not long ago and it has fast become my favourite. It's the details that make it - that cool touch of shiny patent leather and the oversized hood with fur trim. 
Again, who wouldn't be obsessing over winter jackets at this time of the year anyway, even just a little, it's London afterall. 



epique blog and firmoo optical glasses voucher code 2013
anthea epique wears firmoo sunglasses hipster fashion photography
anthea epique wears firmoo sunglasses hipster fashion photography
hipster firmoo sunglasses in turtoise frame and tea colour fashion photography
firmoo tailored sunglasses in tortoise frame and tea shades
firmoo free sunglasses in tortoise frame on bicycle fashion photography
hipster fashion photography sunglasses on bike
firmoo sunglasses leather box
Sunglasses - FIRMOO

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and other stories botanic hand cream on epique photography
and other stories silver bracelet and chain necklace on epique photography
and other stories silver chunky chain bracelet on epique photography
asos pony faux fur and real leather clutch in yellow on epique photography
Hand cream / Silver chain bracelet / Silver chain necklace - & other stories | Leather clutch - ASOS

I can never have enough accessories. Especially jewellery.
I have been wanting to visit & other stories for ages and finally realised my long-awaited desire, taking advantage of my current location in London. 
 In fact, the hand cream came as a truly pleasant surprise - super affordable and moisturising while smelling really, really good. Just the perfect winter essential to calm my dry and irritated fingers.